Font weights


I have been reading a lot of diverging sources on this. So I am relying on you to help me out. It will be used for a programming language akin to CSS.

So that's what we currently have:

hairline 50
thin 100
ultralight 150
extralight 200
light 300
book 350
normal 400
medium 500
semibold 600
bold 700

Here are the complicate ones:

1/ What's the correct order for these 3?
2/ Does ultrablack corresponds to one of these? Is it a separate weight?
3/ Which one corresponds to 800? 900?

Hello again,

I'm looking for some kind of literature regarding a font's change of weights. I'm interested in the theory and practice behind the design of a consistent set of different weights for a given font, unfortunately google has not helped me in this regard.


Hey all,

I've seen this somewhere here before, but I don't think it resolved. Anyone know if a hairline version of Gill Sans has ever been digitized?

There's a poster that Deitch Project did a few years ago to promote a show called "The Studio of the Street" which had a photo of Jean Michel Basquiat. (See it here.) It featured a beautiful sans that appeared to indeed be Gill Sans Hairline, but I've found no digitized version of this anywhere.

Anybody know of such a thing?

Thanks all...!

I'm in the midst of building a font family in FontLab and am having some trouble getting the fonts to display in the correct order in font drop-down menus when I finally install them. Sometimes they work, but sometimes they are out of order, which makes it all the more baffling to me.

This family has nine weights, and all the weight names and numbers are pretty standard. I've checked and double-checked and it doesn't seem like I've done anything wrong.

The data for the weights I've entered into FontLab are as follows:

Light (300)
Book (400)
Roman (500)
Medium (600)
Semibold (700)
Bold (800)
Heavy (900)
Black (1000)
Ultra (1100)

I recently came across some software with which you can easily make additional weights and styles for your font. I don't know if you have to trace your font again in the program or that it just uses your original vector points. In any case, the software was incredibly expensive, there was no trial version and I couldn't find a place to download it to try it out, so I forgot the name of it.

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