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Feedback welcome on typographic Metal/Rock band logo

Hello forum,

I have been a silent Typophile forum user for quite some time. While I have had graphic design training, most of my typography and design know-how is self-taught and this site has often times served as a valuable resource. With that said, I'd appreciate feedback on this logo for a metal/rock band that I've been working on. I have included sketches and snapshots of the design process:


blackletter in heavy metal bands


This is my first post, I hope you can help me.

I'm making an typographic investigation about the influence of blackletters in heavy metal bands.
I've found some information but I need something specific about how was that influence and why, there's a lot of heavy metal bands like Motorhead, AC/DC and more where they use blackletter on their album covers.

There's some examples. Thanks!

Looking for Similar Typefaces


Hey all!

I'm creating a logotype for a band and in the stage of looking for type references. The band is a sort of sexy, female fronted, classic rock with an edge sort of sound and look. Equal parts Pat Benatar, Metallica, and early The Who.

So I've found this typeface over at My Fonts and I feel like this is a good starting place for something that could be customized by hand to give it more of that sexiness and edge, while remaining classic and sophisticated:

I'm hoping you guys can help me find more sources of inspiration for the direction I'm trying to go.


RockThatFont.com (album typography blog)

Recently a blog - Rock That Font - has come along that covers two things that I'm a fan of, typography and great music. The blog consists of essays by resident and guest contributors covering the typography and other design elements of various beloved albums.

Participants in (and readers of) the 2008 Typophile thread concerning Joy Division's Closer font should be interested to see how it informed this post by guest contributor David Shaw, originally published in his own blog.

- B