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Discretionary Ligatures

Typefaces with a Ton of Disctretionary Ligatures?

Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this.
I love serifed typefaces like Mantinia, Mrs. Eaves, etc. which have a ton of discretionary ligatures to use. I'm looking to increase my typeface library, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for me? What are your favorites?

Discetionary ligatures in display font


Hi all

I am designing a display typeface in Fontlab. It has substitute ligatures for pretty much every letter combination (like A_A, A_B, A_C...etc). I want to put them all as discretionary ligatures. The code at the moment looks like this:

feature dlig {
sub A A by A_A;
sub A B by A_B;
sub A C by A_C;
sub A D by A_D;
sub A E by A_E;
sub A F by A_F;
sub A G by A_G;
sub A H by A_H;
sub A I by A_I;
sub A J by A_J;
sub A K by A_K;
sub A L by A_L;
sub A M by A_M;
sub A N by A_N;
sub A O by A_O;
sub A P by A_P;
sub A R by A_R;
sub A S by A_S;
sub A T E by A_T_I;
sub A T I by A_T_E;
sub A T by A_T;
sub A U by A_U;
sub A V by A_V;
sub A W by A_W;
sub A X by A_X;
sub A Y by A_Y;
sub A Z by A_Z;

Alternative to Mantinia?


Can anyone help me find an alternative titling face to Matthew Carter's Mantinia for use on the cover of a fantasy novel?

My biggest, perhaps only, complaint with Mantinia is how heavy it appears at larger sizes—especially when it comes down to flowing nicely, not being in competition, with the imagery of a fantasy novel's cover. The current interior typeface is Minion Pro. A titling face that pairs well with Minion Pro would be a big plus. However, I do not know if that is the finalized interior face, so it is not an absolute necessity.

  • I love the ligatures, so a typeface with an assortment of ligatures is a must.
    • An alternate capital R with an extended leg is preferred

How do I script Swash letters, alternates etc.?


I've recently learned how to use Fontlab Studio 5, and I also learned how to script ligatures. But I noticed Illustrator for example has more buttons in the type tool section: Standard Ligatures, Contextual Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Swash, Stylistic Alternates, Titling Alternates, Ordinals and Fractions.

So out of that list, I only know how to script the standard ligatures. Does anyone know how to script the others, or do you know a source to learn about it? Most font families contain all the ligatures and swash letters as seperate fonts rather than putting it into a single font (OpenType). Is there a reason for doing this?