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20th century

Typography in France / Champagne area


We are working on a project in the area of "Avenue de Champagne". Currently we are scouting for more information about the area and people who have influenced the local typography there and in France at the beginning of 20th century.

Here are some examples of the type style we are interested to know more about:
Or is this common signage type in some areas of France?

Insight, books, designers and why not even fonts appreciated.
(Reading has provided us with some history already but now we are looking for this specific style)

Thank you.

Now for Something Completely Different


Remember those 1970s science fiction dramas which had such charming 'futuristic' sets and backdrops? Remember the intriguing 'future' lettering and signage the set designers would devise-often coupled with interesting 'futuristic' spellings? Movella, Greater Albion's latest release, is something of a new departure for us and is a family of three typefaces inspired by that design ethos. The three faces- regular, italic and the 3d solid form - are all capitals faces which combine a feeling of 'retro-futuristic' design with easy legibility.

Movella can now be found on Myfonts and Fontspring. Here'a sample of it in action:

Greater Albion's Howlett Released 35 percent Discount‏


Howlett, which is now released on Myfonts.com, combines great character with extreme legibility.

It’s a simple display face that offers a sense of coziness and order, that speaks of all being well with the world. It is a modern design which pays due Acknowledgment to the past.

An extensive range of Opentype features, including old-style numerals, terminal forms, ligatures and stylistic alternatives are included.

Use it for headings and titles as well as eye catching poster work.

You can try out Howlett on Myfonts.com or see some examples of it in action in our blog.