Greater Albion's Howlett Released 35 percent Discount‏


Howlett, which is now released on [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/gatf/howlett/ | Myfonts.com]], combines great character with extreme legibility.

It’s a simple display face that offers a sense of coziness and order, that speaks of all being well with the world. It is a modern design which pays due Acknowledgment to the past.

An extensive range of Opentype features, including old-style numerals, terminal forms, ligatures and stylistic alternatives are included.

Use it for headings and titles as well as eye catching poster work.

You can try out Howlett on [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/gatf/howlett/ | Myfonts.com]] or see some examples of it in action in [[http://gatf.wordpress.com | our blog]].