Please help me identify typefaces of this sort!

(I think the closest I've come to is Emigre's "Brothers" typeface, but I think that's quite a bit too far off).

Any help or suggestions of similar faces would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much,

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fony inquiry

Hello! Does anyone know what this font is called?

Please let me know!!! Thanks!!!

Howlett, which is now released on, combines great character with extreme legibility.

It’s a simple display face that offers a sense of coziness and order, that speaks of all being well with the world. It is a modern design which pays due Acknowledgment to the past.

An extensive range of Opentype features, including old-style numerals, terminal forms, ligatures and stylistic alternatives are included.

Use it for headings and titles as well as eye catching poster work.

You can try out Howlett on or see some examples of it in action in our blog.

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