Classifications for Fedra?

I'm compiling a list of typefaces and trying to apply classifications beyond simple categories, the categories being sans-serif, serif, slab serif, etc. The Fedra family is a little tough. What would Fedra Serif be? I've seen the category "contemporary" applied to it, but that seems to be a little "dated", as the definition of contemporary will always change. I've seen Humanist applied to Fedra Sans, which makes sense.

So what is the best classification for Fedra Serif? Best for Fedra Sans?


Help with typeface classification

Hi everybody,

I'm a student doing a uni assignment which asks that we find examples of typefaces from different categories.

The ones I'm stuck on are these:

• humanist axis
• vertical (rational axis)
• implied vertical axis
• no axis
• sloped roman

If someone could please post examples and/or links to definitions of these categories (I've searched in books and on the net to no avail), that would be terribly appreciated :-)

thanks again!

Classification System?

Hey there!

I'm working on an article for my company's blog on typography and classification systems, and wanted to hear from some typographers and hear their take on it.

Without showing you the entire thing before launch (as it's a beast), I am arguing the idea that typefaces can't be classified, as their morphological properties are too close to each other. I go into the argument that as designers (that's my background - mainly web design, so shoot me) it saves us time, and I go into what different classes are good for.