The "happy typographic families" is available!
Learn, understand, revise typography and its families with fun and with friends!
74 cards 5,8 x 9,3 cm in a plexiglass box.
60 fonts from the most famous foundries are presented.
In French or in English.
Published by Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq: http://www.editions205.fr

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Hinting Family

Is there any way in FLS to copy or duplicate hints from one .vfb to another?

I have a regular and italic weight and I'd like the hints to be the same on the italic minus vertical hints. It would be nice to not have to do it all manually.

(This is with Type 1 hinting)

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Typeface Family Workflow

I'm curious about type designers workflow in regards to complete type families that range from the extremes of Hairline/Thin to ExtraBold/Black, including italics.

The reason I ask is that I understand it comes down to individual preferences, but I'm wondering if there is a standard that carries over through everyones process.

I'm most comfortable starting with a 'Regular' weight and then moving towards either light or bold extremes and with FontLab Studios limitations using Multiple Masters it seems it would be best to develop either extreme first then generate instances in between.

I also understand that external tools such as Superpolator can help develop styles beyond the limitations of developing weights with FontLab Studio alone.

Hey there!

I'm working on an article for my company's blog on typography and classification systems, and wanted to hear from some typographers and hear their take on it.

Without showing you the entire thing before launch (as it's a beast), I am arguing the idea that typefaces can't be classified, as their morphological properties are too close to each other. I go into the argument that as designers (that's my background - mainly web design, so shoot me) it saves us time, and I go into what different classes are good for.

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