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The Magnificent Times New Roman

Hi People,

I would like to tell you how magnificent Times New Roman in Indonesia is. Times New Roman (especially in 12 point for body text) is very standard in various writing. Every scientific writings, school assignments, government documents, law documents and other non-casual non-modular (i.e like advertisement etc) should use Times New Roman. I ever created a assignment in Georgia and my teacher in high school rejected my assignment. In every single University in Indonesia, all of scientific writing (minithesis, thesis, dissertation, paper etc) must be printed in Times New Roman 12. I don't know how why people standardize and convene Time New Roman as the one and only formal serif font that able to use in Indonesia. This kind of 'natural' convention is really irritating me.

Characters' sizes guide?


Hello everybody!

Just a quick question: Is there such a things as a guide to typical or standard character sizes? I'm in the process of creating a new typeface and I'm having trouble deciding on the width of some characters in relation to each other... for example, what's the typical length of the minus hyphen compared to the m dash? And the plus character? And so on and so on... Some very good info is in the "Character design standards" Microsoft Typography site, but no info on widths/proportions.

Also, any resource listing all the characters that "need" to be included in a font? My typeface will be Latin and Cyrillic and I'm using other fonts to look at which characters to include.


(x) Standard - aka Akzidenz Grotesk, pre-digital version {Chris L}

Found this type sample in a book called "The Type Specimen Book, 544 Different Typefaces with over 3000 sizes shown in complete alphabets"

In the book its labeled as Standard (Foundry).

I have found digital version however neither seem to match. Can anyone suggest a closer match.

I have convinced the client into using the font, now I have to deliver a digital version of this rare sample, so I would greatly appreciate any ideas. It is a beautiful font and is definitely markedly different from Helvetica for example.