Trouble with initial and ending alternative letter


I am having trouble figuring out what I am doing wrong. I designed a script typeface where there is an alternative letter "s" for the beginning of words and another "s" for the end. In FontLab it does work, but when I go to InDesign and Illustrator ONLY the initial "s" works. Please see image attached where I show the way I have written it in Classes and in Open Type windows (please, scroll below to see everything). I have to turn this typeface on Monday to my client and I am running out of time. Please help!!!!!

An alternative to CoopBlack with lower case

Hi all,

I'm designing a UI for a kids video game and I had chosen House Industries CoopBlack display face to do some of the titling.

We've been doing some testing with an early years education centre, and they have raised the issue that kids in the game's age group (2-4) have not yet been taught to read capital letters. Unfortunately CoopBlack is caps only!

There is a lower case version of the face which was created by Christian Schwarz for Toys R Us, but it's not publicly available:

Can anyone recommend a similar fun and chunky display face with a lower case?

All suggestions greatly appreciated!

Nedian-Medium look a like alternative.


I am trying to identify the following font.
Currently I got hired as a designer for a company as their old designer is fired, during the process of switching over I asked him what fonts he used and all I got was: "You can find them online, just download the free ones". As you can see not very helpful.

It is in regards to this product:

Doing some searches online I first thought it was Nedian-Medium, but the "E" is really throwing me off here, also this one isn't free which the old designer seemed to hint too.

Anybody any tips?

Thank you,

Btw, I does not have to be a free font. I just assumed he downloaded a free one, considering his helpful comments.

Looking for an alternative to Avant Garde Gothic


Hi There,
I'm looking for an alternative to Avant Garde Gothic Book to be used on an app. The license is $2000-4000 for the server/app usages which is too steep for us. I've tried whatthefont and a few other places but don't seem to be able to find anything close.

Could anyone suggest some alternatives which are less expensive or free?

Thanks very much indeed!


Create Unicode for new glyphs


Hi! I'm designing a layered typeface with three weights and some extra glyphs (ligatures, swashes and some weird alternates). I made open type feature for ligatures and kerns but I let some extra glyphs without feature. When I use those glyphs and I change the weight, the glyph doesn't change. For example, if I write "BARCELONA" with one of my extra B's, and I change the weight, it change all the word except the B.
I've been looking the generated file and it seems that those extra glyphs without feature doesn't have UICODE names, so when we change the weight, they doesn't change. I've tryied to use the option GLYPHS>GLYPHS NAME>GENERATE UNICODE but it doesn't work.
Anyone knows what can I do to generate the same UNICODE names on the three weights.

Alternative to «Quiosco»

Hi! I'm a pupil at a German school in Portugal, and speak several languages. I mostly write texts for homework in languages which make use of many diacritics, like Portuguese, German, French, Swedish. My favourite font is Quiosco ( . I'm looking for alternatives to this font, with some of these characteristics: 1. All accents should be very visible. In Times New Roman, for example, the accent on the small i is very hard to distinguish from the normal dot. Accents play a very important rôle in Portuguese: início=beginning, inicio=I start - cágado=turtle, cagado=shit. 2. The circumflex accent ^ should be large and visible, as it is in Quiosco.

Close Helvetica Neue alternative on Google Web Fonts


Just wondering if anyone can please recommend a close alternative to Helvetica Neue on Google Web Fonts please? Open Sans seems close, but we're needing a fairly light (300) weight font, and we're wondering if there are any other alternatives you can recommend please?

Thank you.


Trade Gothic Web Font Substitute

I'm looking for a web font that will closely match Trade Gothic, specifically the condensed, bold condensed, and bold no. 2 styles.

I know that Franklin Gothic is available as a web font, and Trade Gothic is also available as a web font from Monotype under a subscription, but any other recommendations from TypeKit, Webtype, etc. would be greatly appreciated!