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URW font

Bizarre spacing problem with Baskerville quotation marks


I've just purchased the URW++ version of Baskerville, and I'm encountering a bizarre problem when using quotation marks. Oddly, the same problem seems to exist in ITC Baskerville — but not in other typefaces.
I've uploaded a screenshot to show what's happening. For some reason, the quotation marks in Baskerville have far too much space around them. I can't manually correct the problem by adjusting the tracking on the character, either.
Again, this is only happening in Baskerville, and I'm using a brand new version that I just purchased from Linotype.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, did you find a solution?

mystery URW font "Flammanion"

I am looking for a font "Flammanion" which is a URW font included with the Gerber Omega CP software. I don't use Gerber software. I called Gerber, they were no help besides telling me that the font was not available for purchase as a TTF. They can not even send me a jpg/pdf to let me know what it looks like. Has anybody heard of this font? Is it similar to another font? I basically need the following letters in a vector format:


It would probably be enough if I can see the font / these letters in an image file so I can match or rebuild. Any ideas anybody?