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Webfont Obfuscation: An interim solution?

While we are waiting for WOFF support broadly, there are some protective measures available for webfonts to prevent them from being installed locally.

There is a technique of obfuscating the name table, rendering it unusable as a system font, but fully functional as a webfont. Ethan Dunham of Font Squirrel and Fontspring has led much of the research below, based on some prior work from Peter Bilak of Typotheque and Philip Taylor with his Font Optimizer [0]

Specifically, these are the modifications for a TrueType font:

Vertical rhythm on the web

Pictured above is a working prototype that makes reading articles and longer works on the internet more like reading a book. Its content (the entire article, or chapter, or book) is loaded from a database and the front end presents it as pages in a spread.
This started out as an experiment using baseline grids on the web; then on-screen readability. Over the past couple holed-up weeks here at home I dirtied my hands on the emergent technologies of the new internet, specifically HTML5's canvas element, CSS3, javascript libraries such as Mootools and jQuery, and RSS.