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Tight kerning

Kerning Helvetica?

Can you guys educate me about some general rules to be followed while kerning Helvetica. And can you point out the shortcomings in terms of kerning in the piece below and suggest any improvements. It looks alright to me but you guys are better at this. I really want some help with kerning lowercase "r" and "t".

Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

Minion Pro and Serbian localized glyphs


First of all I didn't find a "New Users" forum so I just wanted to say hello everybody first.
Now, back to my question: I use Minion Pro with XeLaTex in order to get Serbian localized glyphs which otherwise neither OpenOffice Writer nor Microsoft Word would provide me with. But I get a tight kerning when the letters u+0423 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER U and u+0431 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER BE meet each other. Please notice that the tight kerning only happens with the localized Serbian glyph, while the standard (Russian) one doesn't show any kerning problem.
I attached a .pdf with the relevant example. Could you please suggest me a way to solve this annoying flaw in an otherwise wonderful font?
Thank you everybody.