Which sans-serif to pair with Chaparral Pro?

I need help pairing Chaparral Pro (body text) with a sans-serif (headlines) for my design blog. Chaparral looks very delicate to me with its interesting curves and I love it, so I need a typeface that will complement it.

I have seen it paired with Proxima Nova a lot, but I would like to go with something different. I like how it looks combined with Brandon Grotesque. Seems to me that it complements Chaparral when in all-caps, but not sure if it's overwhelming otherwise (screenshot of my testing page attached). Other types I have been experimenting with are Futura PT (as a total contrast), then Camingo DOS and FacitWeb. However I am not sure if these are really good matches, or it's just my subjective view.

Do some these really work, or you have some other recommendation?


Complement font to Century Gothic Bold


I'm currently working on the branding for a new organisation and I was helping someone could help me pair up a typeface.

We're under fairly strict confidentiality restrictions with this client, but what I can tell you is that the business will be operating in the student market throughout Europe. At the heart of the brand is a sense of functional simplicity. Nothing is superflous with their products; everything is considered, intelligently designed and included for a reason. Style is important as well but it's very much a brand that is not consciously trying to be cool. As you can see, we're hardly talking distressed/grungy typefaces here.

A complemental typeface for Avant Garde Gothic Pro

Hi I am currently looking for a complemental font to go with Avant Garde Gothic Pro.
I will be using it for kind of short length text.
My problem is that AGGP Draws alot of attention to itself and I need to find a balance between the copy text and the display font (which will be AGGP)

Right now I am thinking of using any of the web-safe fonts to have it a bit easier on my online portfolio.
But I am not quite shure any of them serifs will do the job.

But what do you think am I stupid or do you have any suggestions?

Sans Serif complement for Athelas


Hi everyone. As someone who aspires to go into book design I've been planning to buy a few good fonts and getting to know them really well. At the moment I was thinking of buying Athelas simply because I think the letters look very elegant, but I was wondering if I might ask for your opinions about matching fonts? It would be good to have a sans-serif that goes well with Athelas (maybe something like Whitney or Syntax?), but does anyone have any suggestions about that? As well as this does anyone have any thoughts about titling fonts?

Thanks in advance for all your help,


Complement for Bree?


Hi all, I'm working on a logotype using Bree and am trying to find a complementary font for use in the rest of the identity package. It's a somewhat unique face so I'm thinking maybe something fairly non-descript? I'm leaning towards wanting a sans but I'm not entirely set on that. Any suggestions very welcome, thanks.