wtf new strike and other warehouse type foundry fonts

ok, so i've spent quite some time attempting to contact warehouse type foundry ( and twice2 regarding purchasing the font "strike" from them but to no response. i'd buy it somewhere else if i could, so i ask the question:

does anyone know where i can currently purchase or otherwise obtain fonts by warehouse type foundry?

Displaying bugs in various programs


Hello there, and thank you for giving your time, here is my case :

I'm working on a 'liney' font (I mean that all the characters are connected each others by lines, horizontally & vertically) and managed to make it work in Fontlab.

No problems here, and I'm quite proud of my work!

When I generate the font, everythings seems to be okay, and it's working nicely in TextEdit. Kerning, line-spacing, hinting are what I expect.

Problems are coming when I use this font in other softwares :

- Adobe programs (I've tried on Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign). Kerning is working but the line-spacing is higher than what I want, so vertical lines are "disconnected".

When I saw this, I tried with a non Adobe soft, so I've launched iWeb and had a new surprise :