Hi there,

A new web client of mine has asked me to re-create a nav menu using this odd, spacey display font. They found it 'somewhere online' (i.e. nobody knows where) and only have this image of the upper case character set to work with.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Another clue - the font in use in the site logo:

Any tips or help much appreciated.


Don't you just love clients that feed this kind of stuff to you. Trying to ID the font used for IAM NDS, Please and thank you!
Unfortunately this is the size of the file they sent me.

I saw this collage while browsing through ffffound. At first I thought it was nick shinn - then realize a minute later it was chuck close. What are signs that you've been in typophile for way too long?

Mark Wagner's Chuck Close

Mark Wagner's Chuck Close

I found this in a PDF. I am confused.

This J looks quite strange. Any ideas? It this fine?


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