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Input on best 60's-70's fonts.

I've enjoyed the posts on this site a lot but never posted. I thought it was time to post a question to the users here. I'm having some trouble finding the font I have in my mind.

I'm designing a game with a retro feel in the genre of Evel Knievel. Trying to plan out a couple cool fonts to use. One for title's more bold and one for small block text. I thought this was a smart community to ask for some input. ;)

So far I've got Canadice, Funkydori, and Benuiat charisma.

I appreciate any help or direction.


Hi there,

I'm hoping this isn't custom a typeface; could anyone identify the attached type in the image?

Thanks in advance!
Ryan Mercer

I'm trying to identify this font which I appears on a number of albums from the seventies I have. These are mostly cheapo easy-listening or kids' LPs, but I've also seen the font on late 70s soul and funk albums.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Just wondering if anybody could help me identify this retro multiline font from the 70's.
It came from the "Handbook Of Freestyle Skateboard Tricks"

I noticed it also shares similar characteristics of the typeface on the Letraset catalog cover, only the "Freestyle" typeface has fewer lines.

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what font is being used here? It looks like Helvetica Black but then there's no vertical lines on the lowercase "U" for example. Also, that apostrophe is pretty unique.

Any ideas?


I'm hoping you can help. A collegue of mine has been trying to find this font for quite some time. Google research seems to have turned up very little, but maybe some of you typophiles might know.

It's from the Famous Five TV show screened during the 70's, hopefully this image will help with identification.

Just for clarification, it's the "Famous Five" text rather than Enid's singnature :)

Thanks in Advance,


Hi there,

I'm looking for a font that is similar to this one: http://twitpic.com/19kohb

This would have been fine but the 'S' has been really lazily executed, so I refuse to use it as it would bug the hell out of me. Any suggestions would be welcome.



I'm trying to determine which typeface is used on the attached image.
Would anyone know?
Thanks in advance!


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