movable type

Renaissance ‘font format’


In the course of time I have posted some info on my PhD research titled Harmonics, Patterns, and Dynamics in Formal Typographic Representations of the Latin Script | The regularization, standardization, systematization, and unitization of roman and italic type since their Renaissance origin until the Romain du Roi on this forum. Based on my more recent findings I now think it’s possible that movable type was developed as a ‘font format’, in which different horizontal and vertical dynamics and dimensions for (different point sizes of) Gothic and roman type were captured in (geometric) models and in which intelligence was put in (the proportions and related spacing of) punches and matrices to make the cutting, striking, justification and casting as simple as possible.

i found a set of gothic condensed movable type... help?

i found this set in the publishing building of an old mental hospital (along with a bagful of peculiar negatives, but that's not relevant to this forum). i'm not sure what the typeface is. please excuse how dirty they are, i have yet to acetone them.

any help? if you know someone i could contact, that would help too. the internet is a nasty place to google up "movable type" because there's a publishing software by the same name.