Hello guys, I'm working on a new typeface named (for the moment) "Kling Klang", and I'd like to get some thoughts about this work :

As always, any comment is appreciated.

Thanks by advance,


PS : If you've got more time help, please tell me what you think about this one too (Vasy Molo) :


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Vasy Molo

Here is my first attempt at making a font :


I would be happy to get any comments from all of you, because I didn't had much feedback from typographers.

Anyway, when I made it, I didn't tought it would be accepted on MyFonts, so when I saw people was buying it, I started to think about a full charachter set and redesigning all glyphs to make them work better each others. I'm also working on the kerning, hinting and all things that needs to be done to make it more 'professionnal'.

Thanks by advance,


Edit :

Sorry for bumping guys, but I think my post should be in this place rather than in Release, as it's still a work in progress, and I'd be very glad to get any comment.

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