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About the Neue Frutiger 1450



I would be glad to have your opinion concerning the Neue Frutiger 1450 released by Monotype. I've also seen that they have published an article : "DIN 1450 – the German standard on legibility of texts" which could be seen as a marketing argument to justify, and sell this 1450 serie. (Maybe I'm wrong?).

I've seen some tough feedbacks on Twitter today by some weel known and hi-skilled type designers :

Digital Iridium -- any good?

I recently came across a book, c. 1990, typeset in A. Frutiger's Iridium (Linotronic 500), and realized what a beautiful typeface Iridium is. Like a happier Walbaum, a more humane Bodoni, a better-crafted New Caledonia...

As the Linotype specimen sheet, as always, isn't too helpful -- has anyone has ever used the digital version, or seen a book typeset in it?

thanks in advance!

Images (HQ) of Adrian Frutiger typographies

Hi guys,

I'm doing a project for the university wich consists in making a book about "Adrian Frutiger" and how he focusses on type legibility over any thing. So, I explain in it how he looked at the typography, how It must be done and why some ones are more readables than other ones (as for example, why Avenir is better for reading than Futura, as its like a re-design of it).

So, the problem is that I'm getting stucked getting HQ photos of Frutiger types to put in the book, as Internet has not a lot of images from he / his types. Also I need them in HQ cause I'm making a 20x20 book, so the resolution have to be bigger and also have a good ppp, not 72 from screen wich is not enough...