humanist sans

I need to design an English translation of a scholarly arabic book. Please suggest typefaces for body copy containing all possible characters for transliteration.

This is a hand drawn font from a 1925 poster. I need to find something similar.

I have several options that I have discovered already. Trade Gothic and Media Gothic are similar, but they lack that feeling of 1925.

Anyone have any better suggestions?

What is the font in the logo of New York-Presbyterian hospital?

The logo is at and appears at the top of

WhatTheFont says Phoenica, Faricy, or Aldersgate, but none of those appear to match.

FF SCUBA, a readable contemporary sans, designed by Felix Braden @floodfonts, is now available at Fontshop. FF SCUBA instantly conquered Fontshop's most popular font charts! Download the complete FF SCUBA type specimen as a PDF file at Floodfonts

Hi can anyone help me identify this title font from the Horniman Museums (South East London) display cases?

My new project, a compact, solidly constructed realist sans serif that draws its influences from Germany.

It's only got one weight right now (hopefully over time I'll make this a large font family with 6 or 7 weights). I'd love some help getting the rhythm and consistency just right. I can spend hours just focused on one glyph, so it's hard to remember sometimes how crucial rhythm, weight and color are as well.

I just built it from scratch in 48 hours, but any input would be much appreciated!


! UPDATE (2/21): New pdf here!

Does anybody know a serious alternative to the typeface FF Kievit? A double storey g is at least desired.


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