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Charter ITC / Bitstream ?

I was looking for the Charter font from Matthew Carter and discovered that there are multiple versions.
I wonder if someone can tell me what are the differences between the 3 listed here (in terms of design, not concerning the rights to sell) :

ITC Charter (Linotype) (ITC Charter Regular - $35)
ITC Charter (ITC) (Charter Regular - $29)
Charter BT (Bitstream) (Charter Regular - $24.75)

Thanks for your help

Help me compare these 4 lovely serif faces

Hi everybody!

I'm a web designer learning to care more about type. I'm going to buy some serif fonts for use on websites. I've seen several by Dieter Hofrichter that seem to have an affordable price, a contemporary feel, good quality and will also look good in display sizes.

Given the list below, what you think the pros and cons of each might be compared to the others? Keep in mind that, although I'll be buying both a print and a webfont license, I'll mainly be using them for web sites. That includes body text at a 14-18px size.

At MyFonts
PDF at Hoftype


Typeface Comparison: Web Fonts... Tahoma vs. Verdana (IMAGE)


Ok, so it is that inevitable time in every brand's life when it must be made into a website.

In this case the printed materials would use Gotham Narrow as a body copy font. The question is, which is more like Gotham Narrow: Tahoma or Verdana, and why?

I have adjusted size and tracking to get all three into the same basic space and configuration. Please forgive any little issues.

I am eagerly awaiting interesting comparative notes. Thanks in advance!

DTL vs. MT Albertina

Both releases are considered as definitive versions and at first sight the DTL Albertina and the MT Albertina seem to be identical to each other. But on closer inspection slight differences reveal themselves to the beholder (e.g. how the serifs flow out of the stems or how the curves are drawn).

I’ve drawn a first comparison between some of the characters. I’ve chosen the characters “E”, “F”, “e” and “c”, because “E” and “F” as well as “e” and “c” have some common ground, so that one can review the consistency and the homogeneity of the design.