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A monotype corsiva twin sister :)

Hello all,

Please help, I'm looking for the long lost "monotype Corsiva" twin sister :)

I've attached the original letter, the Corsiva example, and a superimposed one.
Please note the letters have been stretched, yes, but even stretched, the Corsiva does not match 100% : the leg and foot are different.

Anyone up for this challenge ?
Sandra :)

Looking for modern monospace typefaces - any recommendations?

Hello Typo-Interested Fellows

I've been looking for (freedom) but foremost a suitable monospace font for a project I'm working on.
I appreciate all kinds of hints (Names, URL's and so on) – looking specifically for clean, constructed, modular Typefaces.

Thanks heaps for your help.

Albertus MT defect?

I was typing out a heading in Albertus (Albertus Std Regular, the Monotype Opentype file) but with the V I noticed something odd. I zoomed in and saw the right serif has a sort of slope to it. When on the Light and Italic of the same family, it is not sloped.

Additionally, the Bitstream Flareserif 821 has not got this slope either.

Is this a defect in the file, and should I go back to the distributor or is it a quirk that's been there for a while? Is it only this newer Opentype one that has this or was it on the older files too?

Any experience of using Monotype fonts.com webfonts?


Do any Typophile designers or developers have experience of using the Monotype Imaging fonts.com facility to render fonts such as Helvetica Neue on their website? For a brochure site I'm designing I want to move away from default web fonts. Any experience positive or negative please let me know.

Many thanks

C.C. Stern Type Foundry, Portland, OR

My son, a recent transplant to Portland OR, alerted his type-geek dad to the http://C.C. Stern Type Foundry, a volunteer-run working museum, offering public programs to preserve the craft of type casting, and to educate and inspire a new generation of printers and students of printing history.

Here are some photos he took at their open house on March 26, 2011:

Monotype keyboard

Monotype mat case

Visitors at open house March 26, 2011.

New release: Camphor


I am delighted to announce the release of my first commercial font, Camphor™ now available in six weights with corresponding italics from Fonts.com, Linotype.com and ITCFonts.com. (Camphor™ is also available to commercial subscribers of Fonts.com Web Fonts.)

Camphor™ comes in OpenType Standard and Pro formats with broad support for Central and Eastern European langauages.

OpenType features include:

Faces I wish were digitized: MT Neo-Didot

This is Monotype's "Neo-Didot", released in 1904 (IIRC). I've only seen it used once, in this wonderful 1985 edition of Lucian's stories and dialogues, produced by Franz Greno.

As far as I know, this face hasn't been digitized yet, which is a shame, as the digital Didots currently available have a stroke contrast way too high to be useful for longer stretches of text...


Who designed Monotype Ehrhardt?

Does anyone know who designed Monotype Ehrhardt? The Monotype site simply credits "Monotype Design Studio". Sebastian Carter's _Twentieth Century Type Designers_ says that Stanley Morison directed the Monotype Drawing Office to tweak up a proprietary version of Janson, but Ehrhardt has certain idiosyncratic details--most notably the curved crossbar of the A--which seem out of character for Morison. It does seem like a particular designer with a particular personality worked on this one. Anyone know who?

Many thanks,


Fairbank Italic (metal versus digital)

Do any of the Typophile brethren have an idea why Monotype opted to use upright romans rather than sloped romans when it digitized Fairbank Italic? I've owned this typeface since its initial digital release and hate that I've never used it believing the metal design is vastly superior.

The digital ampersand just hurts and ugh the spacing & kerning is ridiculous. It took me a while to get anything that closely resembles the specimen listed in the Bixler catalogue (the above image in the attached pdf) and still . . . it's pretty weak. Any insights would be appreciated. I'll pipe down now like a good Typophile lurker should.

Proper JvK & De Roos Revival


I admire deeply the work of Hendrik de Roos and Jan van Krimpen, but have been dismayed in my search to find revivals of both men's work. The two dominant Dutch foundries committed to JvK, TEFF and DTL, haven't touched Spectrum, though Monotype did a half-baked and impractical digitization. Also, though De Does' Trinité supposedly takes cues from JvK's Romanée, and TEFF is slowly working on a revival, I would like to know if those plans are still in motion. And what, then, about Cancelleresca Basterda, a face that might finally give JvK's ill-fated Romulus super-family more legitimacy, and which is quite beautiful in its own right?

DTL vs. MT Albertina

Both releases are considered as definitive versions and at first sight the DTL Albertina and the MT Albertina seem to be identical to each other. But on closer inspection slight differences reveal themselves to the beholder (e.g. how the serifs flow out of the stems or how the curves are drawn).

I’ve drawn a first comparison between some of the characters. I’ve chosen the characters “E”, “F”, “e” and “c”, because “E” and “F” as well as “e” and “c” have some common ground, so that one can review the consistency and the homogeneity of the design.