Does anyone have an idea what this font is? Or know of a similar typeface? THANKS SO MUCH!

Just looking for some assistance IDing this font. The distress looks like it may have been custom but looking for the original font. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

The closest font to my observation is Gotham rounded...
Please help me identify the right font.

In the April 7th 2013 issue of New York Times Magazine, they use a rounded-condensed Sans Serif that has square tops (sorry for the incorrect terminology) on the capital A. Anyone know what this is or who makes it? (See attached image)

What font is this or any very similar to it? Particularly looking for something with the subtle rounded edge.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I need assistance identifying this rounded san-serif.
Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Hello! Stumbled across this font and would love to ID it. Very clean, san-serif, uppercase font. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Logo type


I need help on figuring out what the typeface is in this logotype, or at least a typeface that's really close :).

I redesigned this client's website and only got a small jpg of their logo. It's come to the time where we need a bigger version, and I think re-creating it is the best option.

Thanks supersleuths!

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Name that Font!

I was wondering if someone could name this font for me? Its a lined retro sans serif. Any guess???
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Can anyone ID the typeface(s) in "America's NAVY - A Force for Good"?

Thank you!

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German San-Serif

I need help identifying this German font face:

Anybody know this one?

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DVD Subtitle font

In my quest for a perfect subtitle font for DVD, I have tried in vain to identify the one that I think is ideal. I have attached a sample of subtitles I have copied from the movie, and I hope you can help to shed some light on it.

Ideally, I am looking for a san-serif font with double-storey "g" and curly "y", and preferably in condensed form. Any help is welcome.

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Need Help with type ID

Does any one know which font they are?

Both San serif and script font. Thanks.

Not sure what this font is, but I like it. It has these rounded corners on certain characters, no stem on the lower case a, etc. Anyone know? Thanks!

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Name This Font!

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could identify this font. If so, i would forever be indebted to you. Thanks.

Hi, dead easy one to get you going this friday morning - its got me stumped as it could be so many it could be and I can't quite find it - Verdana is close but its not got the cigar as it were.

Thanks well in advance.

Hi all,

Help with this one would be very much appreciated!

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Designing "S"

Hi, I am new to typophile but I do have an issue that has been killing me. I am designing a typeface almost ready to be screen printed. However, the letter "S" has been killing me! Any tips, tricks, or some sort of dark magic to conjure a good "S." Any sort of help would be neat-oh.

Hi everyone.

I need a hand with identifying this logo.

My mind has just gone completely blank, and I can think what typeface this is! Please help if you can; should be quite easy.



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