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Logo type


I need help on figuring out what the typeface is in this logotype, or at least a typeface that's really close :).

I redesigned this client's website and only got a small jpg of their logo. It's come to the time where we need a bigger version, and I think re-creating it is the best option.

Thanks supersleuths!

DVD Subtitle font

In my quest for a perfect subtitle font for DVD, I have tried in vain to identify the one that I think is ideal. I have attached a sample of subtitles I have copied from the movie, and I hope you can help to shed some light on it.

Ideally, I am looking for a san-serif font with double-storey "g" and curly "y", and preferably in condensed form. Any help is welcome.

Designing "S"


Hi, I am new to typophile but I do have an issue that has been killing me. I am designing a typeface almost ready to be screen printed. However, the letter "S" has been killing me! Any tips, tricks, or some sort of dark magic to conjure a good "S." Any sort of help would be neat-oh.