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retro display font

Retro Sans on Sheet Music (Casablanca film music), possibly hand-drawn

On some sheet music that my orchestra is doing (we're including some film classics in this concert, we normally do completely classical... which I prefer, to be honest), I saw this nice type. I'm unsure of its origin, seeing the irregularities in the third and fourth "As" (left leg/crossbar junction, left crossbar tip) and the "T" and "U" (irregularities), so I'm wondering if this header was actually hand-drawn. Does anyone recognize it (it's quite possibly obvious to most of you awesome type pros!)

Thanks! -Joe

Need help/suggestion for similar magazine display typefaces!


Hello! I've just seen this beautiful typeface, and I'm looking for a similar font for use in a magazine as a display/titles typeface. Which typefaces are similar to "Platform"? It is beautiful!


Thank you!

(x) Weepies Hideaway display font. Vaguely retro tiki. - Baveuse {Joseph}

Pardon if this has been discussed before. The search function on the site is on strike at the moment and rendering Page Not Found for every keyword so I cannot efficiently review previous posts.

Can anyone ID the font used for THE WEEPIES on the album cover for Hideaway?


Many thanks.