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There is a logo I'm working on and now I've been struggling to find a typeface that would nicely complement it. I thought that I could perform some crowdsourcing here on Typophile. I can't show the logo now but the attached image sums it up pretty well. It's geometric, modern, rounded, drawn on a grid but at the same time looks like made with a flat calligraphic brush.

I must say that so far only Museo looks like a good match but I'm slightly put off by the fact its free and ubiquitous. If nothing better is found I might fall back to it, however.

Thanks in advance!

Key words to consider: contemporary, community, traditional values.

Can you suggest a good type that will fuse with this shape? It is a work in progress visual identity.


For my portfolio site I will make use of a woodcut image. I want to find a serif typeface that would be historically appropriate for it and/or an interesting choice (for whatever reason you find it to be so; but please explain that reason). I can't give too much information about the site, but I'll just mention this: I plan on designing custom blogs for Protestant Christian writers, so a typeface that references the Reformation period (or is in any way relevant to the Reformation) would be a bonus.

Requirements for the typeface:
* It must be available as a webfont, preferably through Typekit or Google Webfonts. But I'm open to other suggestions as long as I don't have to host the file(s) myself.

I'm working out a logotype for an individual who is committed to using a script font, but who's product directly references the middle ages. a starting point, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an example of a font that has effectively integrated Blackletter/Medieval/Gothic sensibilities into a fairly clear script font like "English Script."



I need some help! I'm trying to find a good font treatment for the "#1" in the logo. This isn't a stand alone identity, it is a companion piece if that makes sense. So far I've found Olicana

I like it, but it doesn't blow me away. I'd like to find something comparative to this script font but any and all suggestions would be awesome. The file attachment looks a little blurry b/c I did a screen capture of the olicana font before I decide to purchase (if I do.)



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