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Non-breaking paragraphs


Dear Typophile users,
I am wondering if there is a way to set the text without the paragraph breaks (or returns) using pargraph marks instead (like a pilcrow or such - ¶) in an automatic way (without having to search and replace it with find and change in InDesign).
In that way making a solid block of text.
Here is an example (Symbol without indent or line break):

I look for a similar thread but could not find it...
So any help to make it easier to achieve will be welcome.
Thanks in Advance

Bullets and paragraph spacing


Is there a 'correct' way to include spaces before and after items in a list (such as bullets)?

I am working on a document that has a space of 12pt after each paragraph. I like the visual break this provides. Should I have a 12pt space after each item in the list? Sometimes this looks too much.

I'm working to a 12pt baseline grid so it seems that the space should either be 12pt to match my grid, or nothing.

Any tips/design examples?

Thanks in advance!

Burning Questions of a Young Designer - Layout


Dear Typophiles,

It was with much pleasure that I discovered this website and the wonderful enthusiastic discussions that typographers have here!

As a designer in her first year of professional work, I've encountered a question that has gone unanswered for some time.

Having read books by great designers (Vignelli, Bringhurst etc.) as well as this forum I became enthusiastic about the use of baseline grids in my work. This technique had not been taught at university and once I began to practice using the baseline grid in my personal work I found that I could hardly do without it.