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The Magnificent Times New Roman

Hi People,

I would like to tell you how magnificent Times New Roman in Indonesia is. Times New Roman (especially in 12 point for body text) is very standard in various writing. Every scientific writings, school assignments, government documents, law documents and other non-casual non-modular (i.e like advertisement etc) should use Times New Roman. I ever created a assignment in Georgia and my teacher in high school rejected my assignment. In every single University in Indonesia, all of scientific writing (minithesis, thesis, dissertation, paper etc) must be printed in Times New Roman 12. I don't know how why people standardize and convene Time New Roman as the one and only formal serif font that able to use in Indonesia. This kind of 'natural' convention is really irritating me.

ID: Times New Roman like Font, different C and E

Trying to identify this typeface. Originally considered it as a possibility for Times New Roman, but the "E" and "C" are distinctly different. The rest of the letters are so close to Times New Roman though, so I was wondering if it's possibly a variant of.

Sign is from some outlet store at a mall.
Thank you fo any help you can give!

Gotham + Times = legible on screen and... boring?



I am designing a brand that will rarely, if ever, be used in print. Screen legibility is crucial. It's hard to explain the context but think "Audi meets The Economist" or something like that.

Web-fonts in high volume destroy loading time to a degree that I can't tolerate, so keep in mind that I need a body font that is a system font and doesn't kill the branding.

Originally I had almost decided on Bodoni and Gotham in various weights (Helvetica as a body font) which was a nice pair, on paper. I have since arrived at Gotham Narrow with Times.

Bodoni Bold had caps, punctuation, and numbers that I loved, but as an on-screen font it made me lose sleep. Gotham Narrow/Times is amazingly legible, but seems a little dry as a brand pair. Or does it?

Examples of Times New Roman in use

Hi, as part of my current Uni. project I am researching the use of Times New Roman, and really need to build up a gallery of pictures of it in use.

I've been doing some searching but can't find an awful lot, I was wondering if anybody could suggest some campaigns/identities to look at, particularly major ones, but the more the better.