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How to remove unused kerning pairs in Fontlab

I've just removed a good number of glyphs that I no longer want to include in my font. I deleted the glyphs, then I was able to "Clean up" my classes to remove the deleted glyphs from the classes, but the kerning pairs are still in the kern feature. Every time I try to compile, I get the "one or more glyphs in the font are missing." error with an option to generate all the missing glyphs. I've tried updating the kern feature without success.

My goal is to delete all the kerning pairs from the missing glyphs. I've done it before, but for the life of me, I can't find any answers out there.

[WARNING] Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed


Here are two of several messages I receive upon trying to generate fonts:

[WARNING] Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [a a.ss01 agrave.ss01 aacute.ss01 acircumflex.ss01 atilde.ss01 adieresis.ss01 aring.ss01] [y yacute ydieresis ycircumflex ygrave]
[WARNING] Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [r racute rcommaaccent rcaron] [o ograve oacute ocircumflex otilde odieresis oslash omacron ohungarumlaut] [C:/Users/user/Documents/FontLab/Studio 5/fontlab.fea 487]

"System Validation" error in Font Book after generating from FontLab


I have a family of fonts I'm building in FontLab. They are all using the same exact kerning data and kerning classes. For some reason, one of the fonts is giving me a "serious error" in Font Book that says there is a "System Validation" error, with no further details.

I've tried taking a .vfb file from one of the working fonts, copying over glyphs from the font that's giving me trouble, and generating again. Same error. I think I've pinpointed the problem to be something kerning/class related, as if I copy/paste glyphs that AREN'T in a class and generate the font, I don't get an error in Font Book. But once I copy glyphs that are in a kerning class, I start getting the error.

Filosophia history

Hey there!

I'm a new and learning designer just taking my first typography class. It is something I am really enjoying.
As part of my class, I was assigned a typeface to study and do research on and present as my final project. The face I was given is "Filosophia." It is a beautiful one and I know it was developed by Zuzana Licko of Emigre Fonts in the 1990's. I also know that it was inspired by the classic "Bodoni." Outside of that, I have found very little information on Filosphia itself.

Does anyone know of any books that include information about it or its history? Are there any groups, or communities dedicated to Filosophia? How about any valid websites?

Thanks for the help!

Negative font help


Im working on a typeface for schoolwork that is best described as a negative font, i have 5 classes, on positive, one negative, then positive that has bite taken off from both sides, bite taken off only from right side, and last one bite taken off from left side.

I have done a simple script that substitutes every other letter to negative when there are 2 positive letters next to each other. Now what i want is to get the first letter always be all positive or bitten off by right side depending if it has a round letter next to it, or not. and middle ones as well totally negative letters or bitten off both sides. My time is running out, and no help what so ever. Well, ask me anything, if you did not understood.

Sincerely, Nele

Fontographer 5 kerning classes


Hi all.
I've kerned all 56 characters through Fontographer 5 via the manual kerning pair window. It took a bit but I'm satisfied with the result.
I'm moving on to glyphs with diacritics and realize I don't want to kern the lowercase /a/ 7 times (for each existing pair). I know classes resolve this time issue. How can I access that from Fontographer 5 or from some set .fea file code ("where a then a" for all diacritically marked /a/).
Does this question make sense? I hope I've worded it well enough.
Thanks in advance (for saving me hours).

Copy kerning from lowercase to uppercase and * upper-to-lowercase


[Fontlab Studio 5] I'm building a font that is small caps, in other words, all the letters are uniform in width. I meticulously kerned the lowercase first, and I'd like to apply to lowercase kerning to the uppercase, which I did using kerning classes, i.e. _kern1: a' A

However, I would also like that same kerning to apply to the Uppercase-to-Uppercase, i.e. the kerning from fa to be the same as FA.

Using the classes, and putting a' A in the same class seems to only apply the kerning to Fa, and not FA.

Any help is appreciated.

Help! FontLab changes kern classes when generating a font.


Has anyone experienced FontLab generating a font where the kern classes differ from the source VFB? I'm completely stumped as to why this is happening or how to get around it. I suppose I could use TTX or FontForge to replace the kern classes but I can't help wondering if this is a known bug, maybe FL needs a reinstall or perhaps I've overlooked something. Any insight would be appreciated.

Lettering, Typeface design and Python workshops at Cooper Union

There are a few places available for the workshops being offered at Cooper Union this spring. These courses are electives within the Type@Cooper program but some places are available to non-participants. For more information visit http://coopertype.org/extended/

Planting Seeds for Script Type Designs
Richard Lipton
Saturday, March 12 & Sunday, March 13

John Downer
Saturday, March 19 & Sunday, March 20

Basic Python Programming for Typeface Design
Ben Kiel
Saturday, April 9 & Sunday, April 10

how to avoid class kerning errors


Hey i am trying to generate my font but always get kerning errors and the kerning of many paris gets irgnored in indesign later, could somebody tell me really basic hot to solve this! Would be great, as iam really stuck here!
Here are the Errors:

[NOTE] Removing duplicate glyph [/Users/timmhaneke/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 63]
[WARNING] Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [a] [h i m n] [/Users/timmhaneke/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 64]
[NOTE] Removing duplicate glyph [/Users/tim/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 75]

Calligraphy Workshops with Julian Waters at Cooper Union

Two more workshops are being offered at Cooper Union this spring in lettering: "Organic Capitals" April 17 & 18 and "Compressed Styles (Black letter)" May 1 & 2. To see complete workshop details www.cooper.edu/ce

These workshops are appropriate for people who have some background in lettering or calligraphy and are already
comfortable using a broad edged pen. Absolute beginners will struggle but if you're up for the challenge Julian is an excellent teacher to begin with.

Another Fatal Error without a clue from FontLab cryptic message


Here is the message FontLab gives me:

>>>[FATAL] aborting because of errors:
syntax error at "-63"
[/Users/chrisL/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 11]

I had been cleaning up classes and getting rid of some duplicate commaaccent glyphs when I tried to recompile. The message above is what happened.
I then made a copy of the file and one-by-one deleted each feature and attempted to recompile between each removal to no avail. It seems as though it may be something in the classes but I am going nuts for 2 days now trying to find it!

I am hoping someone can clue me in on my malfunction.

Desperately seeking help,