Hey Guys,

I just graduated from a design academy and I'm starting my own design studio soon. I'm about to buy a printer for proofing purposes but can't decide which printer will suit my needs. I work a lot with typography and illustrations in books, flyers, etc. so full colour and fine printing is a must. At this moment I don't have much money to spend so I had my eye on the Xerox 6600DN. Does anybody know if this printer is good enough for proofing purposes?

How small (pts) can you print text if you have a powerful magnifying glass?


I have an art project where I want to print a whole bunch of tiny text onto paper.

The idea is to give out magnifying glasses to patrons so that people can read the tiny text. I want the text to be as small as possible, but still legible using a visual aid like a magnifying glass. It is fine to have the text not legible without a magnifying glass though.

I suspect that a printer's DPI would be important in figuring out the smallest size since you need to fill a character's stroke with sufficient number of dots (ie. ink). For sake of discussion, let's assume the printer is a commercial printer who mass prints books.

How small in pts can I print the text?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Recommend a new Laser Printer for my design department?

Good afternoon fellow folks of fonts,
The company I work for is going to purchase a new printer for my department (Design Department). We are currently using a Recoh C8111... we'd like something as good or better. It's a Laser Toner, maximum size is 12x18 (via bypass tray). Any recommendations/experience to be shared?


Dots Per Inch. Measure of the resolution or resolving power of an input device such as a scanner or trackball, or an output device such as a computer monitor (typically stated in PPI/Pixels Per Inch) or printer.