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font software

Why are fonts software?



I know that OpenType fonts can be considered as software due to OpenType features (which as I understand are actually small scripts). But can TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts (I basically mean any font the does not have the .otf file extension) be considered as software?


Edit – I have changed the title to cover all types of fonts, not just TrueType and Type 1.

FontLab Studio vs. Fontographer

This topic was discussed in 2005 but I feel is worth re-visiting since the recent release of fontographer 5. Fontlab has a comparison chart for their entire collection of software which can be located here http://www.fontlab.com/fontlab-products/compare/
I suppose my primary interest is with those who have used the new Fontographer.
One reason the program fell the way side, it would seem, was its lack of support for opentype which is now included in fontographer 5.

Looking for great font management software?

I am looking for a great and inexpensive font management software that is reliable. I am a mac user. I would love any recommendations from people who have used more than one font manager. If you know of a software that is not great I would love to know that as well.

Sorting and browsing by category would be great.