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Chinese, again

Hello, this is my third post about chinese fonts, sorry about that, but I've just worked on a project in mandarin and, although the project is finished, am still looking into it.

I had some problems embedding Mac OSX fonts into PDF so I looked around a lot and found several complaints concerning the Heiti fonts (SC and TC) that are now standard in OS 10.6. This link is the best example http://fixhei.monoceroi.com.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? I can't read a word (or ideogram) in chinese so I really don't see the flaws. I am concerned that the font may be flawed and am trying to find out if it is safe to use it in text meant for chinese readers.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Gabriel Attuy

MacPython 2.3 on Leopard



I'd like to install python 2.3 on my Mac OS X v10.5. But i cannot find any fitting version of it, am blind/stupid or it really doesn't exist?

I guess the python 2.3 version for v10.3 isn't the right one for me, right?
And only the MacPython 2.3 works with FontLab, right?

Could anybody help me, please!?