What is the TRUE difference between TrueType outlines and PostScript outlines?


I've done some Internet searches, but all I've got is some big words such as "quadratic B-splines" or "cubic Bezier splines". I've examined some fonts and I've been assuming that TrueType outlines are controlled by on and off-curved nodes (which are easier to adjust), and PostScript outlines by on-curved and handled nodes (which feel much more like "Bezier" to me). But I've just found out that most fonts I have with the OTF extension are recognized with "OpenType Layout, TrueType outlines" and with "(OpenType)" going after their family names (they've got PostScript outlines as I assumed).

Bezier Experts - The Best Vector Drawing Typographers

In an attempt to learn from the best, I have been looking at the work of established Bezier masters. The short list of typographers that I came up with is just based on my limited prejudices:

Matthew Carter
David Berlow
Lucas de Groot
Gerard Unger
Leslie Cabarga
Tobias Frere-Jones
Robert Slimbach

I would love to learn more, and I feel I have overlooked many vector drawing heros.

If you could nominate five people to the Bezier Drawing Hall of Fame, who would you choose?