I've done some Internet searches, but all I've got is some big words such as "quadratic B-splines" or "cubic Bezier splines". I've examined some fonts and I've been assuming that TrueType outlines are controlled by on and off-curved nodes (which are easier to adjust), and PostScript outlines by on-curved and handled nodes (which feel much more like "Bezier" to me). But I've just found out that most fonts I have with the OTF extension are recognized with "OpenType Layout, TrueType outlines" and with "(OpenType)" going after their family names (they've got PostScript outlines as I assumed).

In an attempt to learn from the best, I have been looking at the work of established Bezier masters. The short list of typographers that I came up with is just based on my limited prejudices:

Matthew Carter
David Berlow
Lucas de Groot
Gerard Unger
Leslie Cabarga
Tobias Frere-Jones
Robert Slimbach

I would love to learn more, and I feel I have overlooked many vector drawing heros.

If you could nominate five people to the Bezier Drawing Hall of Fame, who would you choose?

Are the Bezier curves found in expanded glyphs the same curves used to create the font files? more points or less points?

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