Will Pearson Panoramic Photographer Logotype

Hello Fellow Typophiles,

I was contacted by a photographer to create a custom logotype for him. He had seen an identity I did for another photographer and said that those letterforms resonated with him, and he would like something similar. Will is a very talented panoramic photographer and after perusing his personal website I decided that this logotype needed to be wide. I also wanted his logotype to work nicely with a complementary typeface so that I could write:
all in one line, to create a panorama of sorts. [See WillPearson_LogoType_01.jpg for example ]

Photography Logo

Hey guys, so this is my first run at a real logo for my photography. I've been trying for something clean, modern, not overpowering and artistic. I feel like i'm starting in the right direction but am struggling to bring it all into one piece. The hardest part is that I'm not just '"fill in your name here" Photography'. Its called "Socal Lag" but i'm also playing with the idea of incorporating my name into it as well. I feel like its complicated to make it simple because of the name but I feel like it can work!

Thanks in advance for the harsh critiques! lol