Pairing a paragraph typeface with Stratum


Hello friends. I'm looking for an appropriate typeface to pair with Stratum:

We'll be using Stratum for headlines, most often in the bold weight, all-caps. Are there any typefaces that you'd recommend to be used for paragraph text alongside it? I haven't quite decided if we'd like to go serif or sans-serif with it, as I'd like to try out both. The overall tone we're going for is something modern, geometric, no-nonsense and direct. Thanks for any help!

Pairing Serpentine


Ok, first off, I have to say I really don't care much for Serpentine (, but the client's logo (which uses it) WILL NOT BE MODIFIED (the clients words, not mine). And we have to find a typeface that 'goes well with it'.

We've been looking for a while, but nothing has seemed right. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Combinig Purista and something with CE glyphs, greek and math support...


That's a tough one... And i don't feel comfy about it on my own. Please help.

1) Recently we've been working on a identity for a hydrologist. We picked "Purista" as a leading typeface. It was ment mostly for stationery and hydrologic reports – both headlines and body text and we're happy with it's tech look. Unfortunately, we encountered a serious issue with mathematical symbos and greek, wich Purista does not support.
2) As the logo is much in sync with purista, we should stick with that one (a very close inexpensive match with support for what we need would be as perfect as is non-existent)

3) There's no budget for any high-end, multi purpose killer bundles.