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I just edited a brand new trailer for a tv show I'm working on but now I need a font that compliments the title of the show, VIP Latino. I'm not really a typophile so a suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I'm hoping you can help. A collegue of mine has been trying to find this font for quite some time. Google research seems to have turned up very little, but maybe some of you typophiles might know.

It's from the Famous Five TV show screened during the 70's, hopefully this image will help with identification.

Just for clarification, it's the "Famous Five" text rather than Enid's singnature :)

Thanks in Advance,


Upstairs Downstairs was a well regarded UK show of the 70s.... about an Edwardian family and their servants.

The titles were in a gourgeous 'period' lettering style.

Anyone know what it is?

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