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dots & diamonds


so I've just began an idea of a simple hairline serif typeface.
I am very early in the process of putting it together but I've come across a small dilemma: should I dot my /i/s and /j/s or do diamonds add a little class or sophistication? is there certain protocol for this or is entirely based on opinion, etc.
I've attached the letters for reference.


Dot font Opentype printing problems


I am trying to produce a scaleable dot-based font family in Fontlab as Mac flavoured Opentype. I’ve had a lot of trouble with getting small circles to be geometrically correct in Truetype (the beziers flatten the arcs) but Opentype keeps them geometrically consistent.

However, I have a bigger problem which I can't seem to fix.

Dot font

I know the topic of dotted fonts has been on here before, mainly around the Stella McCartney logo, but could anyone please suggest any similar fonts to this logo as the Stella McCartney suggestions are not quite right! Would like a font that is not digital looking, more elegant and has as few dots as possible, as I'm looking to have it die cut so need the dots at a reasonable size.

This is probably a commissioned job that has be drawn but any font suggestions welcome.



Small circular character used as a universal typographic element, principally in the role of a period, but also as part of an i or j. commas are often extensions of the period dot.