I'm concepting out some UI ideas for game and my AD wants to find a font that looks like futuristic graffiti. He wants something in the style of Extreme-G or Virtual On, but readable enough for buttons.

Any recommendations for fonts like that?

Here's references,

Extreme-G Logo

Virtual On Logo


Can anyone help me identify this font?.
I have tried in whatfontis, what the font, my fonts, font bros and many others, but with no luck.

Any help will be useful !!!.

"The font belongs to a few models of bycicles from haro bikes between the years 2000/01"


Graffiti Classic font blends the improvisational urban quality of graffiti with the smoothness and regularity of a typeface. Check it out:

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can anyone help

I am not sure, but I think this is some sort of graffiti font, any ideas anyone?
thanks in advance!!

Hi there, I'm designing an album sleeve and am looking to use a typeface which is inspired by the artwork of Jean Michel Basquiat. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest any hand drawn style fonts that references his work or suggest any sites worth searching? Thanks alot! B

Can you help with this font? Much obliged.

Hello. I've been searching through countless font websites,trying to find these two particular fonts,and I've finally come here. In the first picture,I'd like to know what the font is called that says 'Skatey',and in the second one the one that says 'Celebrate with us!' and is flashing. It'd be greatly appreciated if you found them for me!

-Thanks in advance,

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Urban Love

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My Wordpress Blog

I’m a student at Pratt Institute working on my Senior thesis project. The main part of my project is a blog meant to start discussion between those interested in typography and those interested in graffiti. It is still in its early stages, however, I am attempting to get visitors to comment on the posts. My hope is that the site will start conversations between visitors around the topics and ideas I discuss. I’m also conducting brief email interviews on my topic, so if anyone would be interested in answering a few questions please let me know. The blog is at

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