Type books

The processes of type design

I've been eager to join this forum. This has been a really helpful source of information for the last years.

I am trying to find a book about type design focusing on the process of designing a font. That is, since the catalyst or the idea, to the first primitive sketches, through the processes of adjusting and choosing the best forms for specific letters, designing alternates, etc. I am more interested in understanding how type designers "think" than the results they achieve.

Can any one point me in some direction?
After a quick search, I couldn't find any reference to such a book in Typophile. If this is a repost, I apologise.

Thank you!

Selling Extensive Type Books and Magazines Collection, including OCTAVO


I'm trying to sell a very extensive collection of American and British typography magazines, books, TDC annuals, graphic design books of all kinds including vintage and first editions.
Also two full sets of the original OCTAVO magazines.
Would appreciate suggestions on the best way to do this.
I know this is not the place!
But hope to see the books to go to a designer or organization that will appreciate them.
Thanks for any info.

Mara Kurtz

Books on type and how they were used

Hi All,

I'm trying to find books that detail fonts and how there were applied... My search started for this as a friend was creating a logo for me and told me about a book that he found, that details fonts and how they were applied.. I've since not had much contact with him, so the book/s names are not available to me. I like the old font's that were used to create logos of cars, used on newspapers etc from the 30's, 40's and 50's.. sorry to be so vague on this.. I don't know too much right now.. but I'm eager to learn as I want to create designs used with these type of fonts.

Mr H


Hi guys,

Just wondered if anyone could help me. I'm after some books that are similar to

Type: v. 1: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles

Where there are examples of old typefaces and letters (found, possibly). Classic
french style type etc etc. Or of course any other suggestions people have.