just came out with an idea who stand up for Comic Sans that judged as the world ugliest (famous) font with abundant inappropiate using.

Hello everybody,

Last month, we released Beausite. A Grotesk in 3 levels of contrast and 6 weights. We hope you like it. Don't hesitate to get our free trial fonts and test it in your designs.
More background information can be found on our blog.

This is my new typeface Turbine. It will be part of the fontfont family soon but I think it is still a lot of work to do. The idea is quite simple: A squarish grotesk with open apertures. I would be very happy to get some comments and suggestions.

Hi Guys,
I realize this is custom face for Noma restaurant by Kontrapunkt (, but any suggestions on a typeface with a similar stripped down modernist but friendly / organic feel? Thanks in advance,

SWISSTED - flyers into international typographic style posters.
Using Berthold Akzidenz-grotesk Medium (not Helvetica).

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Looks very Swiss to me, except the G, any ideas? Thanks guys!


I'm looking for the little beauty use in these covers from Cake Publishing.

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Any ideas ?


I'm trying to find out the identity of this font and if it is still in existence. This is a section of a Swiss customs luggage label and looks like it was hand-rendered (if that's possible). Any help you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards.

it's far from finished:

the weight between characters is still a little uneven, and some letters i'm not sure about. i was thinking of scrapping the g and starting on a two-story g (along the lines of johnston, akkurat etc.)

i started by wanting to create a grotesque striped down to its simplest form by removing unnecessary terminals.

Despite the great men’s and womenswear collections, what really caught my attention was the awesome slab serif typeface on the brand's logotype. Does anyone knows what font is that?

Can anyone ID the current Urban Outfitters typeface? I think it's from ECAL. I've checked the answered type IDs and didn't find anything on their current typeface (in use since 2010, probably).


Anybody know the name of the typeface or similar?

In general I am looking for a nice early 20th Century Sans Serif used in Alpine Posters such as the iconic Swiss Alps Ski Resort posters. Secondary area to find typefaces would be from people like Herbert Matter & Herb Lubalin.

Thanks in advance.


A logo I designed in a classroom project. Using the integration of 's' and 't'.

I'm pretty sure this was digitized by Adobe back in the 1990s, but in looking through my old catalogs I simply cannot place it. The lowercase A and L are really unique to this sans serif that looks a lot like Helvetica, but definitely isn't.


Hinwil is a hand made Mécane-Manuaire hybrid typeface created using the iPad. It is part of an ongoing personal project that I am working on currently to create a set of fonts using the touchscreen interface, some of which I aim to re-work into pro-versions over the coming months. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.

Download Hinwil


Sion is a geometric, experimental typeface created using the touchscreen of an iPad. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.

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Slice font


I'm dying to know which font is this

It's used in the corporate identity of Slice.



I'm heading to Zurich in a couple of months for a few days, as part of a European jaunt. I was hoping for some ideas of places to visit whilst I'm there. I want to take in the graphic design 'sights' but I don't know where to start. I've only got the Museum of Design on my list so far.



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