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An Old Style Typeface, Similar to Garamond Premier Pro

I'm looking for a good typeface to use for a book. It's a Christian devotional book. I want something similar to Garamond Premier Pro, an old style with a full family and every other small detail: small caps, italics, ligatures, etc. It can be new or old.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Help: need good typewriter font with italics

Hello Typophiles,

I'm working on a book that draws a lot from old hard-boiled detective fiction, and a typewriter font just feels right. But ITC American Typewriter doesn't—too big, not quite low-tech or yesterday enough.

Problem is, as I try and run down other typewriter fonts that might work better, most (for obvious technological/historical reasons) don't have an italics variation. I have reluctantly concluded I do need to use italics at certain points, and therefore am having an even harder time finding the perfect font.

Please, can you knowledgeable folks throw me some recommendations for fonts that can pass as reasonably reminiscent of old-school typewriters, yet depart from that enough to have a proper italics variation included?

Thank you in advance!

A Matter of Italics

Two designers quoted the Middle Age era in the lower case "g":
1. Jan Van Krimpen with the italics of Lutetia, Romanée, Haarlemmer, Spectrum
2. Eric Gill with the italics of Perpetua, Golden Cockerel, Joanna, Aries


¶ Do you know who's started this italic "g" trend?


PS: I've noticed the medieval "g" in the italics of ITC Galliard and ITC Esprit.

Brill typeface: Is this a Word issue, a typeface issue or a PDF creation issue?

In my pursuit of finding the typefaces that correctly render both the combining diacritics and Serbian versions of Cyrillic italics letters I've just checked how does Brill fare. Weirdly, it only fails to convert one letter properly, but what is weird is that even though the letters appear correctly in Word, they do not when one creates a PDF.

Why does it happen?

The only typefaces that manage to do these things correctly are two SIL ones, even ALPHABETUM, which seems to have the most complete set of characters, does not have the correct italics.

Stile. True Cursive with Style.


Today italic fonts are assuming a marginal role in typography and are mainly used for emphasising purposes. Filippo Salmina from FSdesign believes they deserve more and pursuits a personal philosophy in the development of italic fonts.

“Stile”, the new font family, has been developed particularly for being used as copy font. While common italics with an angle of approximately 8 degrees while reading make your eyes quickly exhausted, “Stile” preserves them from fatigue. Due to its moderate inclination it is easily readable, really flexible and universally applicable. The cursive character of “Stile” has more to do with writing-speed than to its (moderate) inclination and is responsible also for its particularly homogenous text colour.

Uppercase, serif, sloping brackets, medium variation on stroke. Plus italics... or slanted letterforms, I would not know.

It is part of the book jacket from a Spanish novel. Is the typeface that states the author's name condensed or that's just the way the typeface was designed? And what's with the non-closing P letterform?

Thank you all in advance!

Italic version of a sans serif, or script, similar to Cronus; type on "A beautiful glamorous shot" book cover

Hello. This is from a photographers book. I actually cannot quite tell if this is a script, or if it's an italic version of a font. If anyone could help me out, that would be fantastic! Thanks.

New Release: Rue Display.


TypeTogether is proud to introduce Rue Display, an organic, casually ornamental, narrow-faced sans serif designed by Winnie Tan.

Rue's spirited and exploratory design is the materialization of a feeling about fonts as a family of organisms taking on a life of its own, in work and play. It was conceived as a typeface, used as an image and discovered as an ornament.

It comes in 10 weights of light, regular, medium, semibold and bold, each with italics.

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