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Typographic poster design tips


I have started to design some typographic posters that are designed in the same style as the popular "Here's to the crazy ones..." poster. I am looking for pointers and design tips when it comes to making a typographic poster with many different fonts and typefaces. What are some basic things I should know when it comes to designing for print? I have designed many different things for online work but this will be my first venture into the world of print.

Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated!

Logo for poster and t-shirt design company

I am going to start an internet business that sells and designs posters and t-shirts that display American ideals. The designs will focus on the concepts of liberty and freedom (which is why I chose a torch). I wanted to keep the logo simple yet interesting. Let me know what you think of what I've done so far. Also, let me know if the typeface is a good one to use. I was thinking about using an older, American Revolution era typeface but this one was more bold and fresh. The other older font types didn't give of a powerful, inspiring feel. Be brutally honest; I want my logo to be the best it can be.

Target Market:
Liberty loving 18-45 year olds

Because everybody knows that’s what blackletter is really all about: Not heavy metal or Mexican graffiti, but canine eugenics

What more persuasive way to raise awareness of disabling genetic defects in purebred dogs than to employ a Hitler moustache and blackletter type?

Surely this shall convert doubters to the cause – then make them wonder where they can “download” that font.

And just when people had almost ceased to associate blackletter with fascism! Dang!