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Letter J in Antwerp font

Hello folks,
I felt in love with "Antwerp" font made by Henrik Kubel for Playtype.
But i'm really annoyed by its "J". (see jpg)
I asked Playtype if there was a mistake.
I got this quick answer :
"The Antwerp lowercase ‘j‘ was designed this way.
It is not a mistake, in fact it helps the direction of reading and matches the ‘i’ better.
There will be a future version of the Antwerp font(s) without this detail.

I'd like to use that font for a book and find it more distracting then helping, as it is really unusual.

My question here is : do you know other fonts with such 'J' ?
Or is it a sort of trick to add a 'j' that didn't exist in the 1500s ?

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dots & diamonds

so I've just began an idea of a simple hairline serif typeface.
I am very early in the process of putting it together but I've come across a small dilemma: should I dot my /i/s and /j/s or do diamonds add a little class or sophistication? is there certain protocol for this or is entirely based on opinion, etc.
I've attached the letters for reference.


I found this in a PDF. I am confused.

This J looks quite strange. Any ideas? It this fine?



Small circular character used as a universal typographic element, principally in the role of a period, but also as part of an i or j. commas are often extensions of the period dot.

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