Hello everybody!

I have just started my graphic design course and the assignments require us to get feedback from other people. My current assignment is to design a wine label and get feedback.

If anyone can help and give me some constructive criticism on my designs, it will be greatly appreciated! I'm still getting used to photoshop, illustrator etc etc. So please take it easy on me and please keep in mind that these are just quick drafts to give you an understanding of how I want my designs to look.


Hey there typophilers,

I was wondering if you guys can help me identify "ELIXIR"s wine bottle typeface.

Weingut Script Flourish is a decorative display font with high contrasts, perfectly drawn to the tiniest details. The font is trimmed to fairly large font sizes and is highly suitable for chapter titles or book jackets as well as Headlines, Invitations and wine labels, although also impressing with an astounding legibility in small typesettings. Inspired by the hand drawn Blätterschrift from the 19th century Mettenleiter’s Schriftenmagazin, its basic structure is related to the English Script. The creative process started in summer 2009 and after 600 hours of work, over a 2 year period, Weingut now unfolds to reveal all its charms.
Created by Georg Herold-Wildfellner.

Design with bicoloured capitals:

Love this bottle design, and am wondering if anyone can id the typeface. Specifically, the one used on brand name (The Tentacle). Thanks in advance!

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Fonts for Wine Label

Hi guys,

I need a font for a wine label.
Currently I have Warnock on my mind, any other suggestions?



i would like to present the current "Vinto Logo" to you & hear your comments on it.

The Vinto webapp is starting its closed beta pretty soon & I would like to anticipate your possible critique before we publish it.

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• Looking for this scripty font

Hi all - I would like to know what this font is - Thanks in advance for any help.

normally I would assume this is hand drawn, but if you look at the characters the shapes repeat. (for example, the n in Chardonnay, the a appears flipped)

Any ideas on what this would be?

I'm looking for a good extended serif typeface to be used on a wine label. Here is an example of what I'm looking for:

It DOESN'T have to be exact:

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