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Horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab


Hello everyone,
I've a question about horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab.
Going to Font Info --> Hinting Settings --> Standard stems (T1 hinting) it is possible to define values for horizontal and vertical font's standard stems.
But when I'm in a blank Glyph Window is there a way to visualize horizontal and vertical hints based on those values?
I mean, how can I make those values useful for the designing process of the glyphs?
Thank you for your help!

Detecting Reverse PS Hints with Python


Hey Everyone,

I'm stumped. Does anyone here know how to detect reversed postscript hints using Python in FontLab?

Here's what I tried:

font = fl.font
glyphs = font.glyphs

for index in range(len(fl.font)):
glyph = fl.font[index]
vhw = glyph.vhints.width
if len(vhw) < 0:
print glyph.name, vhw

I find there are two things wrong here (but I don't know how to fix them).
1. FL py reports width as not being an attribute of hhints
2. len(vhw) < 0 returns nothing even when I know those instances are present

Any help is appreciated.

What is the difference between Hints and Links?



I've been studying optimal hinting techniques for correct screen display of typefaces. I've read tens or hundreds of pages of text about hinting, and I've taken quite a few stabs at googling it (the word "link" is a pretty useless search term on the internet).

Still I can't still quite grasp the difference between a hint and a link. Could someone here explain it to me?