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Brush/calligraphy font inspiration needed

Anyone seen any stunning calligraphy/script fonts. I've trawled through loads of foundry sites looking for something new, well done, inspiring. Someone please tell me you've seen something mind blowing.

Australian type foundry LETTERBOX is proud to announce the release of two new faces (Brunswick Black + Gordon) along with a re-release of our library. Hope you enjoy them.

New Fonts
See Brunswick Black at

See Gordon at

Revised Entire Revised Library

Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif
Cyrus Highsmith designed Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif (originally called Boomer Sans & Boomer Serif) as one series to tie the design of AARP The Magazine to AARP The Bulletin and AARP Segunda Juventud. Together the Salvos illustrate the guiding sentiments of the design director Courtney Murphy, “Hopeful, informative, alive, embracing and delightful. The right words draw people in, but on a subconscious level the typeface does that first.” FB 2007, 2011

We've released several new fonts since I last visited Typophile, so here's a quick update.

Aylward Font

We've recently updated several of our older fonts. The most recent of these are:

Moravia - based on unique poster lettering by Alphons Mucha.

Brandywine - based on original book caption lettering by legendary Amercian artist Howard Pyle.

Gaiseric - an update of one of my original font designs first released in 1998 and subsequently used in the Spiderwick books.

Stuttgart Gothic - based on 19th century calligraphy samples originally developed from early printed type.

Many of the updates include added characters and other refinements.

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