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Online Resources?


Hello again,

Are there any online resources that deal with character shapes and tips on designing them? I'm looking for something similar to "Designing Type" by Karen Cheng and the tips presented in http://typographica.org/on-typography/making-geometric-type-work/ (optical corrections, balance, and so on).

Besides of the general knowledge I'll get by reading that kind of material, I'm hoping to find info to deal with a problem I'm facing: character "w" in small sizes looks black, heavy, like a dot in a sea of grey lines. I guess there should be some info around regarding this.


Curated deals/discounts on type & design resources

Very much a work in progress, but as a designer who regularly has to purchase/license type and other resources, I just fired up a blog over at dlio.tumblr.com to dig-up/share daily deals, discounts & fresh releases of curated/quality type & design resources. Check it out or follow @getdlio if interested, and of course... hit me with your thoughts/ideas!

Cheers everyone.

Where to get some quality Vector Packs, PS Brushes, T-shirt Designs?


Hi guys,
Where can I get some affordable graphic design resources from? Can you please tell me if I should search for design bundles? I saw on different websites some bundles at really affordable prices, but I wonder if the products are really quality products or I might have a surprise.
Did any of you bought the Design Cocktail bundle from Designious? I see they are having another bundle now and I was wondering if their products are worth buying?

Warren Chappell's niece seeks information

Hi! I am one of Warren Chappell's only descendants which, while cool, has always been merely a novelty. Now my own children are teenagers and they have begun to understand how important their great-great-uncle was.

Just yesterday we found A.A. Milne books designed by him. They were excited! We know a little bit of the distant family stuff, but now I want to find more sources about him beyond those on the general search.

Can any of you help me? Thank you.

Kerning and Tracking resources?

Hi there!

I'm a 3d motion designer learning more about Typography, an interest of mine which sadly has not been of great importance in the projects that I do for work.

So while I have some spare time I'd like to re-educate myself and learn how to use it better.

For starters I have question about tracking and kerning.

Often when I kern and track some letters, I do it by eye, but who knows if I have a good eye for this sort of detail? ;)

I'm wondering are there any good online resources that can show me good kerning/tracking and perhaps show me a few do's and don'ts?

Also any books perhaps?