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What is this font?

Anyone know what this font is? I have searched several font recognition sites and no luck. Thanks in advance!

I am looking for quotes about the definition of typography to use in a book.

I am pretty sure someone coined the phrase, "words we see" but can not find the citation or author. Any and all such quotes about what is typography would be appreciated. And, I will credit both the original author and who has helped me by posting it!

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Looking for a quote

Ahhh I heard a quote long time ago and need it now but can't find it.... it goes something like 'the beauty in typography is not in the shapes of the letterforms but in the spaces between the strokes' but i don't remember it exactly, can someone help, thank you

I have been asked to provide a quote for the cover design and typesetting of three young adult novels. The books are all around 150 pages. Any ideas on how much I should quote for the whole project?

Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

I am a designer, and over the past 2 years I have created several typefaces (Latin 9). I have done this at my salaried job. I also do freelance design and have recently been asked to give someone a quote for a Latin 9 San-serif character set. Does anyone out there have a general pricing guide they use for freelance type design?

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