The contribution of my local shoe repair shop to a continuing series.

Soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qkP8SvHvaU

Typographic sins are those little things novice designers, students and Mr. and Mrs. Desktop Publisher always do with type. You know, putting 2 spaces between sentences, using dumb quotes instead of smart quotes, etc. Well, in an effort to educate the public (or at least entertain those of us who know better), I have designed a poster with 34 typographic sins that I hope people don't commit. Some, like those mentioned above are obvious, others are a little more obscure. I letterpressed my poster at Rowley Press and you can purchase them on my web site: jimgodfreydesign.com.

Does anyone know the story behind this mistake?

Adobe’s first release of ITC Eras (version 1.000) was not slanted 2° as was intended by the type designers; Adobe fixed the mistake with version 1.001.

Does anyone have any similar examples of errors from major type foundries?

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