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Which typeface goes well with Aperçu?


Hi typophiles, I could use some help decided on a great typeface combination.

I am a junior designer and am working on a book related to Dutch design. I am currently looking at different options for the typefaces I will use. I would really like to use Aperçu for the headlines, title, chapter openers etc, but need still need to decide on what to use for the body text. I thought it would be nice to use a dutch designed typeface, as it relates to the content, and so far I have been looking at Swift, DTL Documenta and Arnhem. Do you guys think these could fit with Aperçu at all? If not, do you have any other suggestions, it could be sans serif as well, although I was leaning more towards using a serif. (it doesn't have to be a dutch typeface, but it would be nice)

Font from "Archer" on FX

Hi all,

My wife just asked an interesting question. We were watching Archer on Netflix, and she asked for the name of the style of the font in the opening credits. I said, "well, it's a display font." To that she said, "No, I mean, like, '60s spy font.'" So there's the question: What exactly IS the name of that style (if there is one)?

About designing and releasing a font family

I'm designing a huge, multi-script sans serif family with true italic. At the moment I've almost finished the regular and started the italic. The thin and black masters are also at the very beginning. The question is—should I release and start selling regular and italic and later add other weights later (this is better for me) or wait and release the whole family (this, I think, would be more fair for customers).

What would you do? I've seen both release models on MyFonts and I'm not sure which one to choose.

Licensing and Purchasing for Business Owner - Individual or Company?


Hello all!

After years of lurking, I came across a real-life licensing pothole and figured this was the best crowd to ask.

I am a designer and small-business owner that has 2 LLCs to my name. I have purchased single-machine licenses in the past for type that I would use for my design business - graphics that I would create and sell. Now that the second LLC has opened, I am looking at an interesting dilemma.

Need some advice on a Font from 1912


I'm looking for some advice. I am going to be having a tattoo shortly, and i need the right font for the quote that i will have on me.

The quote is from 1912, from Captain Oates, His supposed last words, and i'm looking for a font to really capture the quote. A font accurate to the period, but also something that resembles a Diary Entry? Something handwritten.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated, the font really needs to fit the quote.

Thank you so much.

Font that emulates old scholarly journal articles?


Correct order of events for creating a font?


Hello all,

I'm in the process of designing/building a font and It occurred to me that I don't know what best practices I should be following, if any. I'm sure everyone has their own preferences, but in general...what does your process look like? For example, here's what I have done so far:

  1. Sketched key font glyphs
  2. Scanned and drew glyphs in Illustrator (didn't have a font program yet)
  3. Bought a copy of Glyphs (love it) and imported all glyphs into the app.
  4. Added extended Latin characters, punctuation, and numerals. Printed, tweaked, printed, etc.
  5. Set side bearings (LSB and RSB) to 50 units on every glyph. A few glyphs have different side bearings, but 99% of the font is set at 50.

Fonts to complement blackletter typefaces or contrast


I am trying to find some typefaces which complement a blackletter
font I am using for an Oktoberfest logo I created. Not sure which
blackletter I will end up using. I know there are some sans serifs
which may work, but what about serifs? Suggestions would be great!

diacritical map


Hello all,
I've done a search and can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

I am trying to find a single source that has a list of diacritical marks, their unicode and corresponding languages.

Wikipedia seems to have a good source of quantity but its not necessarily user friendly to sort through.


Font lab scaling/parallel question


Hi! I am trying to scale down my font to 80% and then use action >Effect>Parallel to
create horizontal and vertical stem variation. but I get a lot of nodes and it loses its
shape too. Does anyone tell me how to to this in better way &close to my original shape ?
is their Python script available for this?
Thank you .

double/single story lowercase /a/ and /g/

Just wondering if there is any technical protocol for creating a double or single story of each character? I initially thought sans serif leaned towards single story characters and vice versa (serif typefaces were typically two story) but I see this isn't mandatory.

According to the ever-correct Wikipedia, there is no technical right or wrong.

Does anyone have any recommendations or preferences when you create these letters in a new typeface?

Fontographer question: file name

Hi all,
this is a question I will be happy to delete once I know the answer.

I am in Fontographer and saving my .fog file with the name of the font I want, lets call it "font.fog" for now (I don't have a name for the font anyway).

I "generate font files" to an .otf file and it comes out as "Untitled Regular".
everywhere I save the file beforehand, it has a name. how do I tell it what weight+name this file should be as an .otf?


Question of the Week

I will provided the "Question of the Week" and give my answer. I hope in return, you share your answers.

Q: Who would win a fight, Batman or Ironman?

A: My money would be on Ironman. The guy can fly or jet around. Batman? He needs his vehicle and he can only glide, technically can't fly.

What do you think?

(x) What's this Bodoni-style openface font? - Graphis {Alexandru}

Hi Everyone,

I've been going a little crazy trying to work-out what this typeface is...

It's the David Hart & Co. logo type found on www.davidhartnyc.com

At first glimpse i thought it was a Bondoni Condensed variant but apparently not. If anyone is able to shine some light on the matter, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

from Chris.

(x) Help identifying "The Sun's" typefaces? Circa 1897? - Caslon, Encore, Laureate, similar to Ionic {Mark S}

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I hope it's in the right place. I am trying to identify the typefaces used in "The Sun" (NYC: 1835-196), the daily newspaper in which "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus" first appeared in 1897. I am specifically looking for the body and headlines....school project here at California College of the Arts.

Here is an example a standard page, as preserved by Chronicling America:

An explanatory article of the "new" Sun's typography

And the wiki article about the paper: